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Swinging with Chuck by Richard Keeling on 500px.com

I photograph for fun. That’s ultimately all I seek from it. If it’s good as well, that’s a bonus.

Lately I’ve found myself getting too caught up in it. A little worried even. This is partly because I need to get some of my work together for my upcoming exhibit at Washington University and partly because my photo club is getting serious about another photo competition. I feel a tug towards that too, but I’m going to simplify my life and skip it even though I did well in last year’s competition.

In truth, the exhibit will give me everything I want from a public display of my work. If I go no further, I’ll be completely satisfied to have come this far. A lot of people will see it, everything that will be seen will be what I want seen – and not some judge’s choice. A choice I am quite likely to disagree with given my ever increasingly individual, even iconoclastic, sense of what I want to see in a photograph.

I’ve moved away from the pulse beat. At least the sort of pulse beat that powers photography competitions. Anyone who has followed my writing here will have been aware of my discomfort in this arena. I’m going to follow a lonelier path. But that’s the way I do things. I wouldn’t have it any other way.