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View from La Petite Ferme by Richard Keeling on 500px.com

A view of the vineyard at La Petite Ferme, Franshhoek, one of the more spectacular wine growing regions in the world. Taken a week or so ago, with the winter leaves still clinging to the vines.

The sort of view I like to photograph and I was happy to be there with my cameras, even if they were by now rather antiquated digital bodies, a Canon 7D and 5D Mark II. Deliberately antiquated, for I wanted equipment with me that I would not miss too much if it was stolen. And being stolen was a distinct possibility in crime heavy South Africa.

Still, even if the picture quality is no longer top of the line by any means, it was good enough. I took a lot more pictures, falling back into my digital habit of taking a lot of alternatives. Just as before, most of them were duplicates with irrelevant differences.

I’m looking at these right now. Looking and wishing I’d taken a film camera – even though taking a film camera on holiday these days is a pain in a dozen different ways, from trying to avoid x-ray exposure at airport security to actually finding a retail outlet that sells any sort of film whatsoever. Those reasons held me back and probably I did the right thing by sticking with digital, but I can’t help but wonder whether I would have got better photographs. Or at least more meaningful photographs.

Maybe. Maybe not.

It was a reminder, though, of how much my outlook on photography has changed.

In a day or so I’ll feel better about what I did and dig out out some more worthy photographs. Although I don’t think there will be that many. But you never know.

Sometimes you just can’t be as simple you want to be.