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I love the shaping, coloring and shading on this wonderful portrait. Part of a continuing series.

The Selfie Project

I tried to be all experimental and cool and edgy today but I left it a bit late and it turns out I hate glue. Apparently the combination of whole new technique and limited time is not a great one. I had also forgotten just how very upsetting the whole process of cutting and sticking is, I had a romanticised vision of wholesome and relaxed Kirsty Allsop inspired artsy craftyness in my head but NO, the reality was much more angsty hacking up of The Guardian and repeated frantic searches for the glue in mounds of shredded sticky old newspaper. This was not good news for my beautiful new Christmas nails.

Not only did I get a festive manicure today but also a brand spanking new haircut so tomorrow I will be doing duckface showing that off. And I will not be collaging, that’s for sure.


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