Road Digger by Richard Keeling on 500px.com

Back to film after a break for my overseas travels. Next time I’m really tempted to try with film though despite the hassles (mostly x-ray machines at airports and the bulk of carrying film cannisters). Simply because I love the look and find myself treasuring my film images more than most of my digital.

Well over a year of use now, more like 18 months, and my appetite for the wet stuff has not dimmed one bit. So much so that my ‘go-to’ camera, the one I always keep with me, is now a film unit, mostly with black and white film. I maybe collect three to ten images on an average day, store the completed rolls in the fridge, and develop in batches at periodic intervals. Intervals long enough that at least some of the shots have the freshness of a rediscovery.

I like that widely spaced viewing a lot. It’s a part of the process that seems out of place in the world of digital (although there’s no reason why you couldn’t simply remove a memory card and leave it undownloaded for a month or three). But with film it’s natural. Seems that way, anyway.

The fun continues.

Pumpkin Picker by Richard Keeling on 500px.com