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Photograph Twelve Inch Gauge Railway, Missouri by Richard Keeling on 500px

Twelve Inch Gauge Railway, Missouri by Richard Keeling on 500px

I have written extensively about my left turn away from contemporary photographic trends into more arcane and less frequented modes over the past year.

Much of what I have written has the subtext of freedom from fashion. This is important to me. For better or worse, much of my life has been lived this way. I keep away from the Joneses.  I could not live any other way. I despise status seekers, in whatever form that status is sought, and my least favorite type of individual is the self-satisfied and smug adopter of whatever the latest trend in any field may be.

This to a large extent explains the psychological underpinning of my aversion to current popular photography and my attraction to the work of artists who place individuality of expression and vision above crowd pleasing.

As to my own work, well, that continues to meander down little traveled paths. Sometimes into a cul-de-sac or following the wrong fork. But I backtrack and find myself again.  It’s in this journey that the real pleasure of photography manifests itself. The results are lovely, but they are the endpoint of a process that in itself is just as valuable. Coming to the end of my working days and contemplating my occupation during retirement, it’s really important that what I look forward to will be fulfilling on many different levels. I am a lot closer today to that multifaceted reality today than I have ever been before.

This is a very good thing.