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Photograph Fallen Tree by Richard Keeling on 500px

Fallen Tree by Richard Keeling on 500px

One of the many reasons why I have turned back to unfashionable and obsolete forms of photography is to get a different look.

What do I mean by that?

A look that is very much at odds with the hyper-sharp, color-saturated, Photoshop-manipulated type of image that makes up the majority of today’s popular photography.

This photograph serves as well as any to make my point. It’s a film shot of a fallen tree in Forest Park. One I pass by frequently on my way home. I’ve photographed it many times and in many different ways.

This particular image was shot part way into the sun using a cheap film, Agfa Vista 200. It’s cheap because it’s not known for its color vibrancy but I find this works to my advantage in this particular case.

The look I was aiming for, and got, was a pastel, pale image. Anti-vibrant. The blues and greens look washed out. It’s not particularly sharp. There is clear chromatic aberration where the branches are set against the sky, again working to soften the photograph.

The entire effect is that of a hot summer’s afternoon with little shade, thick hazy air heavy with the buzz of insects.

Emotionally, just as it was when I was there.

So this is a perfect photograph as far as I’m concerned. It represents the scene, not only pictorially, but in atmosphere and feel. These are the sort of photographs I strive for these days.

When I get one, I feel truly satisfied.