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Photograph Rabbit Eye by Richard Keeling on 500px

Rabbit Eye by Richard Keeling on 500px

Another nod here to C.J. Chilvers’ “A Lesser Photographer” website, without any doubt the most refreshing of all photography-related websites. Sparse and spartan both in style and content, it highlights the absurdity that dominates so much of what is written about photography. Absurdity driven largely by commerce, either as click bait or as advertising, directly or indirectly, for the photo-industrial complex.

Absurdity, that, moreover, despite the endless lists of tips for this or that, serves ultimately to crimp and constrain individual creativity rather than enhance it.

It’s almost enough to drive you off the web altogether but thankfully a few beacons of clear illumination penetrate through the popular murk.

The thing is that until something – most often taking a left turn away from current fashion – prevails upon you to actually think about what you are so eagerly consuming, it’s almost impossible to get that type of clear perspective and shake off no end of false assumptions.

Technically, I’ve expanded my knowledge and practice of photography enormously over the past year. That’s been my left turn – best exemplified by the return to and exploration of film photography. Artistically, I’m getting greater satisfaction than ever before. Paradoxically, at least paradoxically in terms of current photographic trends, much of this artistic growth is prompted by the use of obsolete and outdated equipment and unfashionable techniques.

It’s a great place to be, this. Even if I sometimes feel like a lone eye. But never has photography been more exciting.