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Photograph Purple Wetlands II by Richard Keeling on 500px

Purple Wetlands II by Richard Keeling on 500px

Over the past year, I’ve concentrated a great deal of my photography into my ride home from work through Forest Park.

Not that I ignored the park beforehand. It’s just that I’ve felt a deeper affinity with the ground I cross. Perhaps this is the result of familiarity. Perhaps it’s through the growing realisation that retirement might pull me away from my regular route through these paths before too much more time has passed.

Whatever it is, I’ve collected a large collection of photographs of much the same things. Enough to sense the change of the seasons. Enough, too, for experimentation.

Such as these images. Not, as you might initially think in these digital days, the result of an Instagram-like filter. No, these are film shots taken with a color film that is balanced to render greens as purples and blues as greens. Only reds look normal.

Well, there’s little red in these images. Instead, a strangely alien appearance. Familiar in shape and wildly weird in color.

It’s a fun thing, using this LomoChrome Purple 35mm film. Playing, really, but I need to play with my photography. Especially now that I’ve been immersed in it for a long time. Long enough to get a sense of what ‘serious’ photographers do and what dilettantes tinker with. Becoming a serious photographer can be a death knell for creativity, boxing you into a narrow range of what is right and proper – and that can apply equally to popular or art directed photography, or indeed any type that has been around long enough to establish some sort of standard.

Standards be damned. There’s nothing more effective as an inhibitor. I’ll enjoy these, and doubtless collect a few more shots on my way home tonight. Not LomoChrome though, I’m out of film. Time, perhaps, for a fresh order.