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A Green Heron standing on a stone in a shallow waterfall in Forest Park on a very hot (105ΒΊ F, 41ΒΊ C) afternoon. I was so struck with this pose that I treated it in a variety of ways – you can see them here.

This heron has been hanging out on this spot for quite a while, and I cycle past him or her frequently on my way home from the hospital where I work. Last week's extreme heat had driven almost everybody out of the park so it was pretty much the bird and me when I settled down to take this photograph. The heron almost always flies away when I come up to the bank, but once I've settled there for five minutes, he comes back and settles either on a rock – as you see here – or in the shallow water.

I was in a good mood when I took this shot. All of us at the hospital were. The health care mandate had been upheld by the Supreme Court and we were one step closer to a universal health care system. Eventually I will be able to shake the nagging feeling that, as far as health care is concerned, the United States is a third world country pretending to be first world one. It's really good news.

Not that this heron cares one bit about all of that. πŸ˜€

(For reasons unknown, the picture uploader is not working for My Opera albums, so this image is linked to my Zenfolio site – I think this going to become common for me from now on)