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About this time last year, I wrote about the actor Sam Dale who, at the time, seemed to be in almost every radio drama I was listening to.

Well, even though Sam Dale is still around (most recently heard in the "On Mardle Fen" comedy dramas), his ubiquity has been supplanted by Carl Prekopp. Prekopp's in the classic serial, "Out Of the Hitler Time", that I'm listening to right now. Last week he was in was the moving "Pink Mist" radio poem. Prekopp was also in the preceding classic serial, "The Cruel Sea" – Prekopp everywhere!

Just as Sam Dale had a defining role for me, Toby Esterhase in the adaptation of the John le Carré novels, so did Prekopp as the scheming Steerpike in the recent adaptation of the Gormenghast novels.

Like Sam Dale, Carl Prekopp is an enormously talented and versatile actor. It's good to hear him.