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There's a story, in truth, to every photograph I take. Some are more interesting than others. Some I don't feel like telling. But this one, after an exceptionally irksome but ultimately successful day in the lab, radiates a sense of utter isolation. A sense that is very much a product of its location. This gorgeous lake was found after driving down a gravel road in northern Ontario, north of the last paved road in the area. North is nothing much except forest, lakes, tundra, ice and the pole during our summmer vacation in 2007. It's the most isolated location I've ever visited. Wild as in truly wild and oozing indifference to man. Not that I ventured really that far off the beaten path. Here I'm standing on a jetty next to what looked like a deserted (or was it merely closed-up) summer vacation fishing shack. It showed some signs of decay, but not long-term abandonment.

There was no one about. I doubt if there was anyone else within miles of me. I found the sense of aloneness absolutely delicious. That's what I was feeling as I took this photograph.