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I finally got round to picking up a copy of Adobe Lightroom (as it was recently going absurdly cheaply – usually a prelude to an upgrade cycle). It gave me the chance to return to some older photographs that I like and play with them. Such as this angel in Bellefontaine Cemetery on the Sidney Rowland Francis tomb. I applied some dodge to statue and sharpened and brightened the original image a little, but otherwise left it much as shot. It is part of the 2008 photoshoot that gave me this photograph – I rather think I prefer this current image to the one I originally selected. Brings out the fabulous tree in the background more. Fortunately, there are more from this series – I can play and play if I wish!

Taken with a Canon 24mm tilt-shift lens that is rather soft (and has since been replaced with a far sharper and pricier upgrade) but I still use it and will need to save for a long while if I want the newer lens!

Now I think I need to get back to the cemetery with my Holga toy lens.