On Sunday I drove over the Eads Bridge and down to the new riverside park on the east side of the river known at the Malcolm W. Martin Memorial Park.

I was there to meet my friend Beth and some of her friends, dressed up in Halloween costumes and out with their motorcycles.

I arrived early, and they arrived late, so that gave me an hour or so to look over the park. An overlook, accessible via a long ramp, is positioned to show off the St. Louis skyline across the Mississippi River.

It's quite a view.A statue is sitting on the rounded bench at the top of the overlook. It's Malcolm Martin looking contently over the city where he spent much of his life.It's an amiable statue and I found myself chatting amiably to it.

Just a touch of weirdness though. I knew Malcolm Martin, have sat next to him at family gatherings in my dim past, and have listened to him talk about some of his favorite subjects, trains being foremost in my memory. This is the first time I've ever come across a statue of someone I actually knew.

Behind me, at noon, a 600 foot geyser erupted from a fountain in the center of a lake. This matches the height of the arch and is an impressive sight.I decided to walk over the park to get closer to the water and met, as I was descending, a music band called Moon Hooch who were on their way up to shoot a music video. They were the first people, apart from a solitary park attendant, I'd seen in the park that day.

I made it all the way to lake and was chatting with the park attendant when I looked back to see Beth and her friends had arrived after many delays due to road closings. I decided to take them to the top of the overlook for a photo with Moon Hooch in the background – the band obliged most agreeably.After a little motorcycle fun, the bikers headed off to lunch in St. Peters. I followed them, but not before I took this lovely photograph of everyone moving away in single file past a fisherman on a bicycle.The fisherman was shaking his head as cycled by me. I just laughed.