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Some young corn shoots sprouting out of a recently harvested field in the Columbia Bottom Conservation Area this evening.

I held my camera very close to the earth for this shot. Today was a day that I felt like I needed to be grounded.

For I found myself filling up with too many angry and resentful thoughts – thoughts born of envy, disdain, powerlessness, and futility. Partly generated by old memories and old views, all of which are better let go of but still linger. Partly generated by a sense of being undervalued, as least in monetary terms – again, better let go. Partly by a feeling I should be something that I am not – again, formed by the insane expectations of this materialist and competitive society that slaps dollars on a human being as a measure of his or her worth.

As you can see, each and every one of these unpleasant thoughts can be washed away by just a few seconds of clear thinking. That, though, seemed in short supply today – at least until I perched on my little three-legged stool by the side of this cornfield and watched the sun slowly sink towards the horizon.

Afterwards, much later, they returned. So I came down to the computer and looked again at this photograph. One of a set I had dismissed as unsatisfactory when the darker moods were upon me.

Now though, it glows with that gentle evening light and seems mystic and wondrous. It's a powerful reminder to me that it is a terrible mistake to get too caught up in the manipulations and absurdities that pass for social discourse and social expectations these days (and many others).

There is far too much anger in the world. And far too many people who thrive on stoking it. I reject them all – and a simple blade of grass simply contemplated is all the fuel I need.