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I recently discovered the music of Ladytron, another of those many overlooked pop music bands of the 2000s that slipped under my low-resolution short range radar.

This song, Destroy Everything You Touch, is from the Witching Hour album that come out in 2005 and has been released twice as a single in the UK (2005 and 2007) but not, as far as I know, in the US. Not altogether surprising as it doesn't really fit into the current conception of chart material in the US, being altogether too electronic and far closer to club-dance music.

It draws heavily on the sounds pioneered by Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder (this especially apparent in the intro) and New Order in the 1970s and 1980s, mixing in a nod or two to the electronica and trance dance styles of the 1990s, but is essentially a melodic pop song, verse and chorus, with icy lyrics icily sung by Helen Marnie. Fitting the video in that respect quite nicely.

The words, a hymn to an unfeeling lover to whom the singer would nonetheless like to surrender, are tied very closely to the choppy rhythm that counterpoints the underlying disco beat. This provides a lot more musical interest than might be apparent from such a minimalist sound. A pretty melody, in both verse and chorus, provides the only real warmth, but it too is carefully shaped to fit with the dominant rhythms.

In every regard – sound, singing, lyrics – this song reminds me of and expands on my own love of late 20th century electronic pop music and it has become a favorite.