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Saturday afternoon saw the beginning of the St. Louis Balloon Race, an annual event that provides a lot of aerial color and a lot of advertising for Energizer batteries who sponsor the race.

Unfortunately, for reasons that were not clear (Beth told me later that it was the wind), the giant Energizer bunny balloon failed to go further than inflation and did not bounce into the sky as I hoped it might. The same fate befell a Wehrenberg Theatres balloon in the shape of bag of popcorn.

Perhaps the conditions were not quite right. There was a strong breeze that probably suited more conventionally aerodynamic balloons.

There were no shortage of these. Dozens in fact.

They took off in several waves, rising like toadstools out of the Forest Park games field that served as a launching ground and fairground in one. There were lots of people there, even though it was a cool and cloudy afternoon.I found my camera viewfinder filling with pretty balloon after pretty balloon.

However the most interesting shots were of the baskets and the balloonists working their propane burners.

So below are a series of basket shots, taken, naturally enough from below. One day I might go aloft in one and see the view from the other side.Whoops!https://nolongertheonlyone.files.wordpress.com/2011/09/8f86d-balloon2010.jpg