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Another look at the same pile of stones you see here.

Two of fourteen shots that I took over the course of 90 seconds. I have spent far longer looking at this scene on my computer screen than I did in person taking the photographs.

This is not how I would have preferred it. I would have liked to have sat by that pile of stones for hours. Time was against us, alas – we had to move on.

I look at them again now and recapture again some the feel of that high lonely place, the clear powerful sunlight and the thin clean mountain air.

Not so easy, of course, on a humid, thunderstorm-pregnant St. Louis Saturday afternoon tucked away in my basement hideaway. But easier than I might have thought.

Places like this – and I find them wherever I go if I keep my eyes open and keep my other senses alive – once experienced are never truly left. A little piece of soul remains there and a little piece of the soul of the place enters me.