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No – not the title of Western movie. 😀 Our last night with Martha on Tuesday of last week.

Nice to look back on now that we've returned home to the gentle hills of St. Louis (elevation 466 feet (142 m) above sea level).

On a beautiful evening, we drove up into the mountains west of Helena to a glorious grassy hill about 6,000 feet (1829 m) high. Not that we had to climb that far as our origin, Helena, is about 4000 feet above sea level.Ruth, Martha, Anna, Nate (all above left to right, Martha's head hidden), David and myself plus Lilly the dog in two cars (thanks to Martha for lending us the Blazer, our Camry would have had a hard time with the rutted road). A tablecloth laid on the grass, adorned with bread, brie, hummus, goat cheese, wine, juice and watermelon on a warm summer evening – what more could you ask for?

Afterwards, a walk up the hill to an expansive view (and you can see how high we climbed by the tiny cars in the valley below – photo above). Below – Martha being menaced by a dead tree.In the mountains, the sun passes below the high horizon well before it reddens, but that has its own attractions as this silhouette of David on the ridge up the hilltop shows.