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On Monday, Geoff and I took a long road trip out to Montana's Crazy Mountains.

This took us through a beautiful wide, hilly and desolate valley without a gas station in sight and only a few scattered homes and tiny towns.

Behind the cow skull you can see the Crazies rising out of the plain. The range is an island and dominates the scene from whichever direction you approach them. We were coming from the west.

The views were simply stunning wherever we looked. Here's a selection:[/img]To add a little more interest, some wildlife popped out of the scenery. Below a bull elk and cow and a sandhill crane.We were getting low on gas as we came out of the mountains, so we diverted to Townsend on our way home to eat and fill up. Unfortunately, all the eating places (except the truly awful food at the gas station quick shop) were closed. So no evening bar & food adventure, alas. But we were treated to a truly beautiful twilight on that long empty road home.