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Geoff and I stopped at Phil & Tim’s Bar & Bowl in Boulder, Montana, tonight after a photoshoot at the Elkhorn ghost town (more on that later).

It was a most entertaining visit. Taylor, the barmaid, who also works as a hairdresser in Helena and before that at the Jefferson City mine, was friendly and made us very welcome. When we came in, we were about the only people there and we were hungry. Geoff ordered a mushroom and Swiss cheese hamburger, myself an extremely hot pepper burger that compelled the chef to come out and see if I enjoyed it (he's never eaten one himself). He turned out to be a fan of 'Top Gear'.

Bit by bit, Taylor's extended family and friends came in. So did a dog without an owner, so Taylor called the Sheriff to take him home.

As we were leaving, things were hotting up. The guy you see in the photo was hitting on Taylor in the most foot-in-mouth way possible. Trouble ahead, I sensed.

Perhaps the impending arrival of the Sherrif was a good thing.