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A view from the eastern side of the range, showing the valley leading to Sheridan and Buffalo, Wyoming. You can see the road we drove – lots of very sharp hairpin turns.

The next two photographs are telephoto zooms into that valley.

Below you can sedimentary rock stratas tilted and exposed.After the very steep climb, the range flattens out into a series of peaks and valleys starting at about 8,500 ft above sea level. They were all gorgeous. We stopped in one to walk around a little.Then it was on to the astonishing overlook I described below. Here another view of the Bighorn Basin from above.The Absaroka Range and Yellowstone National Park are in the far distance.

Another very steep descent took us down into that valley. The landscape was no less impressive away from the high range.And now here we are in Helena, Montana drinking tea and looking out under a grey sky and gentle English drizzle. The grass is green and the temperature cool (60° F). This is not how it should be in Montana in August. Helena has already had about 11 inches of rain/snow this year and that's the normal amount for a whole year. The world's weather continues to turn topsy-turvy.