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After waking up in the Holiday Inn Express that gave rise to this post, we headed downtown into Omaha to look at the Missouri River.

This was facilitated greatly by a wonderful newly built pedestrian bridge, the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge. This a beautiful curved suspension bridge that links trailways on the Nebraska and Iowa sides of the river.The high water had led to the closing the Iowa side of the bridge as it joined the main levee and people were being kept off this strained dam. However, you could still walk out from Omaha and back again.

Or you could run.

That took dedication as the temperature was still in the high ninety degrees Fahrenheit.

A fairly unforgiving sun made me thankful that I had my polarizing filter on my camera, for between the haze and the glare, a pretty washed-out view presented itself to the naked eye.

Definitely a scene I would like to return to at the beginning or end of a day but that is not going to happen this time.Just as elsewhere along the length of Missouri, the water was running high and fast.