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It's late on Sunday night. I'm in a functional (and not oversized, thank goodness) Holiday Express Inn motel room preparing to go to bed.

Most of the day has been spent driving, but I paused long enough to take to some photographs of the Plattsmouth Bridge that crosses the Missouri River from Iowa to Nebraska. We stopped the car just by the toll booth on the Nebraska side of the river, and looked back over the long, red rust colored, steel bridge. With a wide angle lens, I was able to squeeze the whole structure into a frame.

Just as I was returning to the car, I heard the sound of a freight train horn. I ran back and just caught the beginning of the train as it crossed the railway bridge that runs parallel to the road bridge. I wasn't able to get a good shot of that bridge, but you can see the train behind the girders of the Plattsmouth Bridge – it's going into Iowa and the car in the foreground is going into Nebraska.Much of the low floodplain in the far distance is under water. The Missouri is in high flood here – the main north-south Interstate, I-29, is closed in places.[/URL]And now to bed.