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I drove out to Labadie Bottoms on Saturday. My friend Patricia had Facebooked me with the news that the plain was flooding with the Missouri River being as high as it is these days.

So I went down with my camera looking to get a few photographs that the Labadie Enviromental Organization might be able to use in their on-going battle with the Ameren electric power company who are seeking to build a waste ash dump on this land (see here for more background).

There was water there, for sure. Not directly from a levee breach or an overflowing of the river banks, but simply water that was collecting on top of the very shallow water table. I took a few shots of this less-than-pure water and was entranced by a marvelous collection of birds, frogs, butterflies, dragonflies and wetland plants that were doing their very best to turn this water and land back to the richly alive marsh that it would be if left alone by man – be it farmer or power plant operator.

It made all the clearer the folly of placing a toxic waste dump on this floodplain.