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[/img]I like this photograph a lot. So I decided to get it printed on canvas. This was prompted by a coupon code – fday11 – promising 55% off and free shipping at www.canvaspeople.com that a website I trust – The Digital Picture – had featured.

So I logged onto CanvasPeople and selected the largest available size they were offering at the time, 18" x 24" (they are now featuring 24" x 36" and if they had when I ordered the frame, I would have selected that) and worked on my picture.

The print wraps around the edges of the canvas which may not matter if you have dead space on the edges of your picture, but needs to compensated for if you want to feature your photograph without cropping. I added a black border using Gimp to my image and uploaded the photograph to the site.

This took several attempts to get it just right. Fortunately, you're given a view of how your photograph will look on the canvas. It took me about four uploads with borders of differing widths before I had a satisfactory image.

I then ordered the canvas – costing about $44 in all – and waited.

It arrived today, eight days after I ordered it.As you can see, the color balance is slightly shifted towards peach, but by no means excessively so. In fact, I expected a far more unsatisfactory color balance, so I was pleasantly surprised by the result. (The shadowing you see on the canvas is natural and not a quality of the print!) Contrast was good and sharpness excellent. The canvas is of a lightweight quality and wouldn't stand up to that much maltreatment but the frame was well made and the canvas stretched satisfactorily. The picture was well centered.

So I'm pleased. I would prefer a more heavyweight canvas, but I suspect that would push costs up considerably judging from a survey of alternative canvas printing operations that do offer more robust material but also cost three times as much.