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I drove out to the Mississippi River by the Clark Bridge at Alton, Illinois this evening to enjoy the light of the setting sun.A few fishermen and a couple of young women doing a photoshoot were my company.My human company, that is.This heron seemed quite content to sit on the floating log for a good long while.Eventually the sun passed beneath the horizon.

Nothing much happened – the tranquility represented by the heron seemed to enclose even the fishermen and the girls photographing each other. The expensive Canon EOS 7D you see placed on the pole in the topmost picture was in some peril. A twenty foot drop onto concrete on the side away from the girl. But she seemed quite unconcerned. As I took that shot, I turned around to see one of the fishermen urinating against his truck. He seemed unconcerned too. It was just one of those strange, static nights were nothing was going to happen.

I liked it.