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Back in the earliest days of my record collecting, I had a fascination for film soundtracks. Usually of something I had seen recently at The Odeon in Guildford and taken a fancy to.

One such a movie is a now long-forgotten George C. Scott thriller called "The Last Run" that had entertained me on some rainy Sunday afternoon. The score was by Jerry Goldsmith, definitely one of my favorite film composers and included a fairly haunting harpsichord motif that I liked.

However, as the film was neither particularly successful or critically praised (it has never been released on video or DVD), the chances of my coming across the soundtrack were bleak.

However, on a Saturday visit to the Guildford branch of W.H. Smiths, I was idly browsing through the cut-out bin when I came across the soundtrack album, selling for 50 pence. I was thrilled – grabbed it, bought it, and walked out. As I often did in those days, I found a park bench down by the River Wey, sat down and took the LP out to read the notes and look at the cover art.

As I did so, something slipped out and fell to the ground.

It was a single. A "45". On the Island label. This could be interesting, I thought, and looked closer. It turned out to be a record by Free – "A Little Bit Of Love".

I didn't like it that much when I first played it, but it grew on me. And it was literally free! I was playing it again tonight (from the CD 'Free At Last') when I thought I would see if it was You-Tubed. Practically everything is it seems.

So it was and here it is. Complete with a dance from "Top Of The Pops"' very own "Pan's People". Instant nostalgia. Listening again, it's interesting how much the rhythm and structure of this song could be part of Glam Rock style, something Free never went for directly.

I still have the soundtrack album for "the Last Run". Me and probably ten other people in the world!

(Anyone notice how this post was subconsciously inspired by the previous?)