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Our host Sandy drove us to Destin this morning in search of shrimp for a paella that Sandy is cooking for us tonight (lucky us!).

Inevitably we ran slap bang into the crowds and traffic accompanying spring break, doubling the amount of time needed.

Still, that gave us time to look around and take in some sights and sounds.

Many of which I snapped out of the car window as we crawled by on an overcast but still bright and warm day.

We decided to take the bridge over to Okaloosa Island where the crowds thinned out and there was a good stretch of white sand dunes and beach unspoiled by beach houses at their back.

After a short and glaring walk on the beach (I did not have sunglasses and you almost get snow blindness from the brightly reflecting ground granite sand), we returned to Destin to find Sexton's Seafood and piles of freshly caught shrimp.

Then back to Sandy's house for an afternoon of maximum relaxation.