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I drove out to Labadie this morning to meet Patricia, Rob and Bryan of the Labadie Environmental Organization (LEO).

This group is attempting to prevent Ameren, the local electric power company, from building a waste dump on the Labadie Bottoms adjacent to the Labadie Power Station.

This projected construction would replace the flat farm fields of Labadie Bottoms with a large accumulation of combustion products from the coal fired plant, including many toxic chemicals and heavy metals.

The residents of the area are naturally not very happy about this. It would further spoil a very attractive part of the Missouri River valley (how much nicer it would be without the plant at all?), and inject a dangerous mix of potential pollutants into a area prone to flooding and at risk from earthquake. (There is a reason we carry earthquake insurance on our house!)

I volunteered to provide some photographs for LEO's website. I could not have picked a much worse day from the view of light and visibility – at least it wasn't raining – but got something nonetheless. Maybe better luck later. In the view you see above, the area beyond the tree line in the horizontal middle of the photograph has been selected for the dump site – on the far horizon is the power station.

Rob gave me great tour of the bottoms themselves, and Bryan and Patricia got me up onto the bluffs for that overview. A good day out.