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The most extraordinary building in the Midwestern village of New Harmony, Indiana, is the visitor's center – The Atheneum.I've seen Richard Meier's fascinating construction many times before, but in the past it was more often closed and seemingly unused when I visited it.On Saturday, though, I was getting out the car shortly after arriving in the village when I was joined by two women who seemed interested in my cameras. They turned out to be two people who worked in the Atheneum. Extraordinarily, they offered me the chance to go up onto the roof. Many's the time I wished I could have done this, but it has always been out-of-bounds for as long as I've known. I wondered what it was about today that was different. Did I, with cameras and tripod, exude the air of a professional photographic artist? If they thought so, I quickly disillusioned them, but the invitation remained.Now I had a chance to walk those angles and curves.The building is riot of ramps and spiral staircases, twists and turns.A lot of well-placed glass allows the interior to flood with natural light.Wherever I looked, there was something of interest to see. Twists, mimicking the bends of the Wabash River, acted as counterpoint to the angular geometry.To top it all, so to speak, was a beautiful panoramic view of New Harmony and the river.Even the weather, that had threatened blanket gray skies and rain, cooperated to give me a gentle winter's light on a warm afternoon.