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Today, I noticed an ad on my Facebook page for a computer flight simulator called Pro Flight Simulator. I had never heard of it before, but I'm always interested in flight simulators so I checked out the home page.

It began with a dramatic video that extolled the virtues of the game but showed zero footage of the game itself. This intrigued and puzzled me. So I decided to do a little Google research.

First thing that popped up were dozens of laudatory sites, all suspiciously carrying addresses that were variations on Pro Flight Simulator. Strikingly similar reviews and customer praise too.

Oh, oh, I thought – here's another internet scam. Digging a bit deeper, I soon found out that Pro Flight Simulator is a rebranded but otherwise unaltered copy of the FlightGear, an entirely FREE open source simulator that has been around for years.

So the folks behind Pro Flight Simulator are making money by charging people for something that is freely available.

Another filthy cheat. I guess all it takes is a very few people to fall for it for whoever is behind Pro Flight Simulator to make money. All legal of course. But disgusting nonetheless.