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I must have been intrigued by the girl with the Jolly Green Giant stockings for I found another photograph of her from a different angle.

I'm sure wandering around the library with my camera made for a pleasing diversion from whatever paper I was supposed to be studying, but I have no recollection whatsoever of this actual event.

Large chunks of my life seem to have been spent in libraries, but only as chunks. I'm either deeply involved in the studying routine or else I am almost completely removed from it. Having gone through the intense library routine three distinct times, I think I've probably had enough. I've never really enjoyed studying even though I turned out to be quite good at it. I'm glad I learned what I did, I think it helped me get to settled and knowledgeable state I enjoy today, but I really would not want to do it all over again. These days, when it is so easy to access references and texts through the internet, it's easy the forget the tedium of looking up card catalogs and reference journals, digging out volumes of journals, photocopying papers, and trying to read them with interest and understanding. I often fell into the trap of simply accumulating paper and hoping that by some miraculous osmosis the knowledge contained within would be assimilated with the minimum of effort. I subscribed to several expensive scientific journals with the same feeble hopes – all that happened is that I accumulated a lot of heavy piles of mostly unread prints.

No more, thank goodness. If something interests me, an internet search can bring up much of the interesting and relevant material without any hassle.

But it does mean that I have little call to return to a library and revisit that peculiar ambience of alternating concentration and boredom.

Another way of life passes.