I got my old scanner working again tonight. It had been connected to a computer that I replaced before the new year and then got shunted aside. Now it is rescued, and useful again.

Here's a scan of a print dating from about 1991. I was working towards a Ph.D. at Washington University and spending a lot of time in the library poring over papers and textbooks and having very little fun.

One of those days I must have had my camera with me – film in those days – and found an attractive pair of legs as a photographic subject much more appealing than studying.

I stuck with the program for about four years before I realised that I really wasn't that interested in becoming a faculty member and escaped rather ungracefully with a Master's degree. Of all the major decisions that I've made in my life, that counts as one of the wiser ones.

I seriously doubt if I would be enjoying or even be doing science, real hands-on science, as much as I do today if I'd followed that path.