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A photograph from about ten years ago. I was spending some time exploring the countryside near High Wycombe in England when I came across a small airfield.

Just by the gate, I found this Hawker Hunter jet fighter. As you can see, it was faded and tarnished from neglect and the weeds were growing high around it. I have little doubt that the open tail exhaust made an entrance for a home for small animals.

It was a shell of an aircraft. The engine, weaponry and instruments were gone. The tires were deflated, the undercarriage supports were corroding. How much longer would it stand on those flat feet?

I looked long and hard at this aircraft. A jet plane projects sleekness, power and speed. Once it tore through the skies, riding a roar of hot air. Grounded, those slim lines and swept wings begged once again rejoin the clouds.

Not to be. Now it was only a monument to obsolescence. Sad and beautiful.