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I started this blog five years ago to the day.

At the time it had no more chance of going anywhere than many of my other fizzled blog starts. Somehow it did though, largely due to the fact that the community here was friendlier, more engaged and more thoughtful than any I had come across before. It was also a lot smaller than it is today! Fortunately, despite the growth, it mostly maintains its friendly character. All I fend with now are frequent 'Friend' requests from people of perhaps dubious authenticity.

Five years on, and there have been changes. Not just here, but elsewhere. Facebook, today's seemingly ubiquitous social web organization, now claims some of my time. But time almost entirely instigated by My Opera where I continue to post and automatically update my Facebook page at the same time.

I see no reason to change this pattern. My Opera suits me very well. I like the people here. I like the look and operation of this blog. I liked it before the recent changes – I like it now.

I plan to be here for a long time to come. That thought in itself, though, is a reminder that even in these few short years I have come to know and then had to deal with the death of some very good people. Allan being the one I got to know the best and who's presence I greatly miss here.