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Almost a third of the way into December and no new entries. I must put this right.

Mostly this lack of activity is a result of not getting out with my camera. Weather, lack of light and a more hectic social calendar have conspired against me. Still, I hope to put this right soon enough. The itch to photograph is going strong.

I was looking at my hit counter for this web log today. It's going strong – 867455 total as of this moment. I get a lot of visitors to this site, and it pleases me very much that I do. The numbers have risen dramatically over the past year. Most come for my photographs.

I can't help but think that I must be reaching a lot more people than I ever would if I had gone the conventional publishing route whereby a handful of pictures would have been bound in an expensive-to-produce and and expensive-to-buy volume that most likely would have shifted only a few copies. Of course, there is an undeniable cachet in being published and becoming a published name. I know the feeling myself from the few scientific papers that I have co-authored. But I'll guarantee that those papers have not been read by more than a few dozen people.

Here though, simply by doing what I love, I have reached thousands more. As I don't make my living this way (and have no desire to do so), I really couldn't ask for more.

The internet has shifted the entire publishing paradigm. Blogs, social networks, easily accessed self-publishing set-ups, and online cooperatives such as the Key Publications Network that my friend Jenny introduced me to, are providing outlets for creativity that bypass the conventional channels. It's a very interesting time.