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I went back to the Chain of Rocks Low Water Dam this afternoon. The same spot that I'd visited last week.

I wanted to continue my experiments with water, light and long exposures. I was lucky today. The light was good, it was comparatively warm (53° F) and, most importantly, the river level was about the same as it was last week.As I stood by my tripod taking 30 second exposures, I was joined by another photo enthusiast wanting to know what I was doing. We had a brief chat. He told me about the St. Louis Camera Club, a local group of photographers that meets weekly to discuss their work.

It got me thinking about what this hobby means to me. I enjoy sharing these pictures here, but the thought of a social group gathering to critique each other's work did not appeal. I don't do this for anyone except me, even though it pleases me when others enjoy it too, and this blog as a medium for sharing my efforts is just about perfect for someone who is not gregarious.

High resolution image here.

What I can say is, after some years of doing this, that I've got to a point where I can produce photographs that really please me and have some real sparkle, and, what's more, I can do it relatively consistently and reliably. I'll never stop learning, but I definitely feel I'm not a novice any more. It's a nice feeling to have. I was very happy with how today's shots came out.