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A bit of a 'blah' weekend. I spent too much time trying to get a dual boot of Windows XP and Ubuntu to work properly on my newly built computer. I've done it now, but it was a slow process. (Each operating system interfered with the booting of the other – a case of OS oneupmanship!)

The weather didn't really help much either. Mostly cloudy on Sunday, but a bit better on Saturday when I slipped out to the Chain of Rocks Low Water Dam to take these photographs.I was playing with long exposures. This photograph and the one at the top show that silky effect that water gives under such conditions. The middle shot is more representative of the turbulence in the river at this wide and rapid spot in the Mississippi, the only area for many miles above and below stream where it is unnavigable and required the building of a by-pass canal, the Chain of Rocks Canal.

The land I was standing on, Chouteau Island, is a product of that canal. For it was created by the material excavated to build the channel.I lingered as the sun moved below the horizon, throwing up a delightful twilight that reflected prettily off the river. In the background, the old Chain of Rocks Bridge and behind it the less attractive newer Interstate 270 bridge.