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I have loved farm fields as long as I can remember. As a child and young man, I found a long walk through a wheat or barley field was as good a remedy for a troubled mind as any I knew. To this day, getting out into the countryside – any countryside really – remains a truly spiritual experience for me and one that puts the fleeting entertainments that man provides into a most unflattering light. I gazed across this field and found myself thinking, with a sense of bewilderment more than anything else, of those common conversations I often hear about some TV program or, even more bizarrely, some advertisement. Is it easier to talk about fluff? I suppose it is. I guess it's alright too, even I find myself shutting down in such circumstances and don't take part. Why is it that a view of a beautiful sunset accesses my soul in such a direct and meaningful way that it makes so much else seem trivial and ephemeral? Why does one second of a view such as this outclass every TV program that I ever seen (including those I enjoy a lot) and hold the entire meaning of what it is to be alive? I don't the answer. All I do know is that all takes to access heaven is to walk out the door and open my eyes. I think that is pretty cool.