My gaming machine. 😦 It flickers on, the fan spins for two seconds and then it dies. Most likely a motherboard failure although I can't rule out the CPU completely.

It was getting pretty old and had been in fairly constant use, so I don't begrudge its journey into another world. It was close to state-of-the-art when I built it four years ago and cost quite a bit to put together. For a fraction of that cost today I can rebuild a much more powerful machine, and have ordered the parts to do so.

(For those who like technicalities, this means replacing an AMD Socket 939 board with an Athlon FX-53 plus 2 GB of DDR memory with an Athlon II X3 450, an AMD3 socket board and 4 GB of DDR3 memory.)

The new computer will whizz where my old one wheezed, and that will be a treat. But a tinge of sadness remains for the old faithful.