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Bellefontaine Cemetery closes its gates at 5 p.m. on every day that it is open (officially closing at 4.30 p.m.). That means that if I want to photograph this beautiful landscape at dusk I have to wait for winter and, more significantly, the ending of Daylight Saving Time.

The clocks changed on Sunday, so I headed off to see what I could see on a warm and clear day, albeit one with rapidly lengthening shadows.

I entered the literal maze of roads that lead through the dips and rises of this very hilly cemetery and came across the grave of William Clark, best known for being one half of the exploring team of Lewis and Clark.

I had not paid much mind to this obelisk before (there are many in this grand cemetery) and had driven past it many times without taking a closer look.

While photographing the Clark monument, up drove my friend Wayne who works as an attendent/guide/expert and patrolman in the cemetery. We chit-chatted a bit about cameras, here and a little later on, and I was reminded by our meeting to take a look at Wayne's photographic website that contains many fine photographs of Bellefontaine.

Then it was off to take a late afternoon look at the Sidney Rowland Francis tomb and angel.I made use of my flash to add an ethereal aspect to the figure. As implaccable as ever she is, in all her turquiose glory. I really would like to see her in bright moonlight some day.