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After the social whirl of Saturday's rally, I headed out to my favorite spot near Alton, the Lincoln Shields Recreation Area, to take in the setting sun. Once again, I was gifted with a glorious view.

I never tire of such displays.Each is unique, never to be repeated. The subtleties of color and shade surpass the work of any artist.

My photographs are inevitably only fleeting glimpses into that experience, a reminder for me. I treasure them for that.

My camera pulls me out of the house, away from these close white walls. I put thought and care into my photographing (most of the time, anyway!) and come away with what you see here. But I would be kidding myself if I regarded these pictures as the important component of the experience. What was, and always is, significant is the act of being there. For it is in that being that truest glory of nature settles upon me.