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A large group including friends and family went to the St. Louis Gateway Arch this morning to enjoy a satellite transmission from the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear being hosted in Washington D.C. by John Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

It was gloriously clear sunny day that quickly warmed up. I was peeling off clothes by the end. Nice to be able to do so after a few cold days.
We gathered on the stone steps leading up to the Arch, all watching a big screen projector that carried the D.C. rally live.

Everyone was in a good mood and very friendly. We wandered around, some of us with distinctly unorthodox banners.Sufficiently unorthodox to attract the interest of the local TV reporters.

Ruth, Arlo and Virginia were filmed and interviewed by Fox Channel 2 news.

I'll find out later if they ended up on TV!

(UPDATE – they did get featured on Fox News and in the St. Louis Post Dispatch)

Virginia had a good long exchange with the reporter, seconds of which made the news clip, naturally.We watched and listened to the whole rally from Washington, and then took the train back home. It was a very good day out, not only because it was such a pretty day, but also because it was pure pleasure to find so many people who share much the same outlook as I do and are not taken in by the fear-merchants of the mainstream media.

Most reassuring. I was beginning to think that the lunatics were taking over the asylum.
More pictures here.