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[/img]Ruth and I went for a long up-and-down ramble through Weldon Spring Hollow Natural Area yesterday afternoon.

It was a beautiful warm afternoon and the leaves were turning. Quickly this year. Already I could see dull brown edges to the yellow and red.

So I was happy that we got the chance to enjoy the forest.

Towards the top of the hills, the ground was dry. I'd hoped to find some mushrooms as we had before in 2008 but they weren't making themselves apparent. It was better in the valleys, mostly fungus growing on dead logs. This pretty growth is most likely Ganoderma lucidum or another member of the Ganoderma genus.Also to be savored is the view over the Missouri River from the high bluff. It's a great view, but it's right at the edge of a high, sharp and unprotected drop and it makes me most uneasy when I get there!