John Lennon would have been 70 tomorrow (9 October, 2010).

A small flurry of media remembrances and another reissue/remastering of his solo recorded output has accompanied this, enough to get me playing his music again. It's most interesting to hear again after all this time. Some of it, including the song 'Remember' is brilliant, easily as good as his Beatles' work. Much of it, though, is really rather poor. Things went downhill pretty fast after the 'Imagine' album. There were always a few good songs but why were there so many ho-hum tunes and performances? The same could be said of McCartney, of course. Even when those two weren't actively collaborating as was the case in the later years of The Beatles, each seemed to feel the push of the other and clearly maintained the highest standards. Separated, that seemed to fall apart.

Ah well. At least we got 'Plastic Ono Band' and 'Imagine'. Who knows what we might have got if he'd lived. Such a stupid sad waste.