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It's the season for the major camera manufacturers to refresh their lines. Canon have just introduced the EOS 60D and some new lenses including an intriguing fisheye zoom.

I look at all this stuff and think how nice it would be to have it. Exactly what Canon would like me think! But the reality is that I really have more than enough. I took about 40 lbs of camera equipment with me to England. My camera stuff weighed more than all the rest of my luggage by a long way. To be sure, it was handy to have it with me and I shot some lovely photographs that I might not have got otherwise. However, it's a lot to lug around, and a lot to keep an eye on. I had two camera bodies and seven lenses, tripod and sundry other accessories with me. One (admittedly small) lens I did not use at all, another only a little. The equipment came back a little worse for wear after some falls and bumps, including one drop onto concrete that merely scratched the camera body's paint. Canon do build their stuff well.

The thing is, I feel that having bought it, I might as well use it. Even if it seems a little scary exposing some expensive stuff to vagaries of travel.

On balance, the pleasure gained far outweighed the drawbacks. But next time, I believe I'm going to lighten my load.Creake Abbey, Norfolk.