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As some of you may know, my disdain for TV is reciprocated by a love of radio drama, and one of my favorite characters has returned, Pilgrim.

Four new plays, and I loved the original four. What's it all about? A quote from the web page:

What if all the myths and folktales of these islands were true? And what if they were not only true but present now in our world? All the spirits, existing, as they have always existed, in the gaps between tower blocks, in the shadows under bridges, in the corner of our vision. An ancient and eternal world which has existed alongside ours since time immemorial and will exist long after we have gone.

Enter Pilgrim… In 1185 William Palmer was making pilgrimage to Canterbury. Unbeknownst to him his fellow pilgrim was the Lord of Faerie. When William claimed that the Church would wipe out the belief in the Faerie world, he was cursed by the Faerie Lord and condemned forever to the walk between our world and theirs.

Seven days, you have to listen.