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I drove out to Addieville, Illinois this afternoon.

Why Addieville? Well, my friend Beth and her weekend motorcycling group were going there today and I thought I might run into them. Besides it was a chance to explore another part of Illinois that I did not know.

However, I didn't exactly get an early start and didn't arrive in the town until about 4 p.m. By that time, Beth was gone. How did I know this? I asked Connie in the Eagle's Nest Bar & Restaurant whether a group of mostly female bikers had turned up for lunch. Indeed they had. So I settled down for a delicious hamburger and cold beer, a nice break in a hot day.

Addieville is an entirely typical southern Illinois farming town. Tiny and centered around the grain elevator and railway. So small, in fact, that my photography attracted a lot of curious interest. Why was I here, I was asked. This made me chuckle. A small English village, however remote, will have seen a share of tourists and someone with a camera would be nothing out of the ordinary. Not so in the deep Midwest countryside, off the beaten track and far away from the nearest Interstate highway or, indeed, a famous non-Interstate like U.S. Route 66.

A rare tourist it would be who came across this place, except, perhaps, for local bikers making good use of the friendly Eagle's Nest.I wandered through this little village, barely a fifteen minute stroll from one end to the other, noting some lovely well-kept residences and some sadly abandoned and closed local stores, no doubt victims of an out-of-town Walmart or some other similar megastore.

The only open business was the Eagle's Nest. I was made very welcome there. If you are ever in the area, be sure to stop by.