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A day that started out very badly as my son David was knocked off his bike by a car as he was cycling to school. Ruth took the much-dreaded police call – 'This is the U-City Police, we're calling about your son…', but, apart from some grazes and bruises to his arm, he escaped injury. The paramedics checked him out, the police wrote up a report, the woman who hit him apologized. As far as I could gather it was an accident, pure and simple. David even made it back to school for a brief period in the afternoon. Nonetheless, he, and the rest of us, were pretty shaken.

Still, it could have been very much worse and for that I am very grateful.

This sort of thing casts quite a pall over any day, and it didn't help that it continued to be a most unproductive week at work, with very little that I was doing working and a lot of effort going nowhere. Nonetheless, a reaction worked as it should just in time before I left, so that gave the day a little fillip.

I came home musing how remote the holiday that ended only two weeks ago seemed right now. Was it really just a few days ago that I walked the beach front at Romney Marsh?Or stopped to look at the beautiful countryside?Yes it was – but today it felt like years ago.