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Sometimes I yearn for the days of travel before the airplane became ubiquitous. I find the rapid motion jarring. Two days ago I was in England, enjoying a farewell dinner (complete with champagne) with my mother at the Manor Inn in Godalming. This has become something a tradition for our last night in England, and afterwards we walked out into the garden and down the river for a short walk.

We just caught the end of the sunset with that gorgeous pale light that is so characteristic of summer evenings in a northern land like England.
The next morning, Friday, we took at a very early (5:15 a.m.) taxi ride to Gatwick airport. Our flight arrived in Chicago in the afternoon of the same day, and, after a night spent at Ruth's parents' apartment, we drove back to St. Louis this morning.

So, here I am. The house smells rather strongly of cat, who was pleased to see us despite excellent care from our friend Wendy during our absence. But I got used to that pretty quickly, and settled back into looking at my photographs and videos of the trip. This time around there were more than ever, about 137 GB of disk space.

I know I'll come back to these again and again, but right now I found three that I like and that I hadn't yet put up on this blog.I took this long exposure shot just outside our converted barn in Barsham, Norfolk. It was almost completely dark, the light coming through the clouds is moonlight, not sunlight as it appears. I wanted to get the hazy sky effect you see – what I did not anticipate (given the isolation of our holiday dwelling) was a car driving down one of the narrow country lanes.This photograph shows Ruth standing on the sands way out beyond the beach at Wells-next-the-Sea. I was fascinated by the patterns that the seawater left upon the sand in this part of the beach. So fascinated that I didn't really notice that the tide was rapidly coming in, and about one minute after I took this shot, we found ourselves cut off from the beach by the sea. Fortunately, the water was quite shallow and we were able to splash through it back to drier land.

The last two shots were both taken at Milford-on-Sea. This spot gave us a excellent view of The Needles, those striking chalk outcrops on the far western point of the Isle of Wight.We spent a long day at Milford, a good hour of it spent at The Needles Eye Cafe where I enjoyed this quite heavenly plate of fish 'n' chips.Now we are very far from the sea once again, but it feels good to be home.